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“An athlete cannot run with money in his pockets.  He must run with hope in his heart and dreams in his head.”  Emil Zatopek.

The Ride...

What to use for the challenge. A big talking point of the ride is what to use. mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes.


We decided mountain bikes would be a great idea offering more where and better tyres, but the weight and speed of these bikes would not be as efficient as a racing bike, and soon decided as were not be cycling up the mountains all so it was agreed all we would need now is some racing bikes. (Can you Help Donate) Something Light Cheep and reliable. Something we could repair, keep running for the full distance, something that can take the falls and bad weather. A bike we have been looking at was the Trek 1.5 or 1.2 however we still need a sponsor !!for these or any other bike.  


A ride without bikes makes this even harder!!

Spon Form.docx

With choosing road bikes we hope to complete the ride any when within 10 - 14 Days giving ourselves additional days to allow for poor weather and bad climbing conditions, something these bikes will allow is for us to make time up on and push that little bit harder on each ride.


A average day we hope to cover between 80 to 140 Miles depending on a huge range of factors. As you can see from the route we haven't yet pinned down set roads and a set route. More of a set of destination points, these being camp sites or land marks 4 big ones being the Peaks themselves.

We hope to have a couple of GPS to hand to help navigate (again waiting for a kind donation and something be raffled raising more money at the end)




Training has started and Alls looking good for the desired distances each day just need these bikes now


Want to know more, Want to help with Equipment or make a donation

Please contact me on - Andy 07525822065

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